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Wingnut Adams... Honored by The West Coast Blues Hall of Fame as "Band Leader of the Year"  Sweat & Soul, no compromise! 

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The latest album titled..."Welcome To Grooveland"  is now available on this site. 

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Wingnut Adams- Welcome To Grooveland


On the inner sleeve of this CD appears the motto: “Dedicated to the pursuit of the groove”. The California-based Wingnut and crew need to look no further, they have definitely found it in spades! They are a stripped-down funk unit-drums-bass-guitar-organ and occasional harmonica. The “Wing” man handles vocals, drums and harmonica. His Memphis-tinged “blue-eyed soul” voice fits the grooves quite nicely. The liner notes aren’t very thorough, but it seems all but one of the songs are originals.

The band hangs an M.G.’s-Meters tight groove straight off on the lead-in tune “You Got It”. The vocals have just the right attitude, and Tessie Marie adds her soul-moan voice towards the end. Some John Mayall-ish harmonica is laid over the funkiness of “She Loves Me”. This is also where Chris Akin’s muscular bass rears its’ head. “A Man” is a feel good song about love. Some funky blues in store on “Groove Me”, with its’ “clipped” rhythm guitar. What would a funk band be without a song full of sexual innuendo? The dudes give us “Ride My Donkey”. If you can’t figure it out, you need to get out more. The organ fueled “Butterfly” is the recipient of more tough bass playing and Tessie Marie’s raspy crooning. That magic bass once again makes it self heard on “Leave The Light On”, as it propels the groove. “It’s the thought that kills” is the bit of wisdom proffered in the slide guitar driven “Wicked Ways”. “Steamroller” is actually James Taylor’s “Steamroller Blues”. One of the guitarists is squeezing out sparks on this one.

If you can’t “shake your moneymaker” to this stuff, it can’t be shook…or is that shaken? Whatever the case, there is much goodness to be found within this CD. Kudos must be given to Wingnut and Matt Erich for their seamless production values. I hope you enjoy your visit to “Grooveland” as much as I did. If you are like me, you can’t wait until the return trip. I ask you to pardon me if I used the word “groove” one too many times in this review, but hey…that’s the deal!

Reviewer Greg “Bluesdog” Szalony hails from the New Jersey Delta 


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